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Everyone seems to be talking about the technology around Siri and how easy is to use and how good it is.

I’m sure it will change the way we use our phones as it’s a completely different interface for interacting with your iPhone

However, it seems to me that Apple is preparing the field to create the biggest Ad-Network yet.

It involves Siri, reminders and geo-fencing.

In case you are not familiar, with the new Siri assistant on your iPhone 4S you can do things like:

Siri, remind me to pick up the gift for my wife when we get home.

Once you get home, Siri knows where you are and since it has set a reminder for you, it will tell you to pick up your wife’s gift.

If you can do that, you can also tell it to remind you to pick up milk when you are at the shopping mall (frankly this is a life saver if you have a mind like mine).


since you are already in the shopping mall can we suggest an offer from the electronics shop? Here’s 10% to get you going.


Apple already knows where I am and doesn’t even have to rely on me checking in. (I think Foursquare needs to pay attention)

Not only there’s enough public data to know about the locations (and businesses) around me, I will day after day build up geo-fences where I conduct business: grocery shopping, getting my haircut, my mechanic, etc.

Apple is going to know exactly what I do and where. And I’m going to be the one to tell them (by speaking to my phone mind you)

Let’s go a bit further: think Google Ads meets Siri + (reminders and geo-fencing).

Now I go to the mall and Siri says to me:

Fabian you need to pick up milk and go to the post office.

I say, ok sure.

Now Siri says:

While you’re at it why don’t you take a look a some shoes your wife might like. Her birthday is coming up :)

Wait, what? (she’s even smiling now)

You see, a couple of weeks back, my wife sent me an IMessage or even an email and said: baby what do you think about these shoes? I think I’m going to get them next month.

Now Siri knows that my wife has an interest in said shoes and a time frame. Not only that, it might know based on that picture, other pairs that she might like.

Oh yes, Siri also knows that her birthday is coming up.


Desire + Opportunity + Delivery Medium = I just bought some shoes.

My wife loves me, I come out like a King, I love Siri.

Siri knows more about me and my wife. Everyday she knows more.

Recommendations keep coming in, I keep getting better and better offers. I keep spending more.

Apple is now the biggest and most profitable Ad Network on earth.

I love technology… but this is a bit spooky (is also exciting actually).

Now… let me go back to see if my Blackberry Service is restored.